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Institute for Christ the King Sovereign Priest
Code of Conduct

On this page are the Institute’s Code of Conduct and forms to implement the Code, for use by Superiors at apostolates throughout the United States.  Click on the title to any form and download as necessary.

The forms are grouped into three categories:

Multistate Forms (used by all apostolates)

State Specific Forms

Complete Packets for Superiors and for Members/Staff/Volunteers

State Specific Forms


AZ Packet Cover Lists 20240110

AZ MSV Packet 20240110

AZ Dioc of Tucson Child Abuse Report Form

AZ PS-077 (2-02) – ReportChildAbuseFollowupCPS

AZ ReportChildAbuseDoT 20220105

AZ Report Form 20220105


CA Packet Cover Lists 20240108

CA MSV Packet 20240108

CA Form BCIA 8572 rev 04 2017

CA Form LIC 9108 rev 03 2005

CA Report Form 20240106


CT  Hartford Packet Cover Lists 20240106

CT  Hartford Report Form 20240106

CT  Bridgeport Packet Cover Lists 20240106

CT  Bridgeport Report Form 20240106

CT DCF-136 Rev 05 2015


IL Packet Cover Lists 20211230


IL CANTS_22_Acknowledgement_of_Mandated_Reporter_Status_(Fillable)

IL CANTS_22A_Acknowledgement_of_Mandated_Reporter_Status_(Clergy)_(fillable)

IL Report Form 20220105


IN Packet Cover Lists 20240105

IN Report Form 20240105

IN Notification of Report of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect 20240105


LA Packet Cover Lists 20211230

LA Form CPI-2

LA Report Form 20220105


MA Packet Cover Lists 20240105

MA Report Form 20240105

MA Form 51A


MI Local Superior Lists 20211230

MI MSV List 20211230

MI Report Form 20221112

MI Form DHS-3200 Report of Actual or Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect


MO Packet Cover Lists 20211230

MO Report Form 20240107 

New Jersey

NJ Packet Cover Lists 20211230

NJ Report Form 20240106


OH Cleveland Packet Cover Lists 20240105

OH Cleveland Report Form 20240105

OH Cleveland Diocesan Suggested Report for Child Protection 20240104

OH Columbus Packet Cover Lists 20240104