“Very professional and very thorough. Ellen and her team listened to our objectives, offered meaningful suggestions/alternatives and prepared an estate plan personalized for our family. Exactly what we wanted. We were very pleased.”
-R.M., estate planning


“Ellen and her staff were very helpful to us in Estate Planning. Although our needs were straight-forward, we had numerous questions. Ellen patiently answered all of them. Nancy professionally prepared the resulting updates of these documents. We recommend the Law Office of Ellen Eisenlohr for Estate Planning.”

-S.D., estate planning

“Our experience with Ellen was excellent. She asked the right questions to make us think, and she explained all the options in a way we could understand. She offered wise advice and was timely, professional and detail oriented. We highly recommend her services.”

-R.B., estate planning


“With expertise and integrity, Ellen, Nancy, and others from their office helped my husband and I finalize our Estate Planning. They met us where we were. We appreciate all their support and professionalism in the process, which was done timely and efficiently.”

-G.A., estate planning

“Ellen Dorn has a steady demeanor and a thoughtful approach to solving complex needs. She not only wrote our wills-with sound advice about the best way to mitigate family discord-she undertook having the guardianship of our disabled son lifted. This was a complex task, as it is very rare to petition to have a guardianship listed and there was a lot of dancing with the court and state bureaucracy necessitated to accomplish the goal. We highly recommend Ellen Dorn to handle your important legal needs.”   

-S.R., estate planning

“Simply the most professional attorney and considerate counselor I have met. Thorough and insightful regarding our estate planning and wills. We are more than 100% satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend her. She exceeded all of our expectations.”

-S.D., estate planning

“Deciding to work with you on our plan was easy. The clarity of your draftsmanship is exceptional. I asked that you listen to my spouse’s thoughts which were different than mine. You did so very well. My wife is completely satisfied and very grateful that we’ve accomplished this.”

-G.F., estate planning

“We were grateful for the well targeted estate planning expertise and personalized service we received from Ellen and her staff. Ellen can help anyone with their estate planning needs; from high net-worth individuals with complicated financial structures to those with simple estates. All of this is done in a low-key manner based on a comprehensive understanding of the financial situation and desires of the client.”

-W.D., estate planning

“What Ellen did in educating us was amazing. Her work with foundations and charitable giving was invaluable. We appreciate the patience she showed, the time questions she posed and the prodding us to think deeper. It has served us well. Ellen educates in a clear concise manner with patience. She welcomes challenging questions and takes satisfaction in serving her clients with honesty and faith.”

-G.K., estate planning

“Ellen is thoughtful, communicative and extremely knowledgable. Ellen and Nancy are everything you are looking for in a great attorney. We used their services for estate planning documents and will use them for all future estate planning services.”

-G.A., estate planning

“Ellen was wonderful to work with. She set our Foundation up quickly and efficiently. She was extremely responsive to our questions and needs. All of our paperwork and filings went very smoothly and we were ‘in business’ quickly from start to finish.”

-P.A., regarding a nonprofit organization

“Thorough, professional, knowledgeable, clear, and warm come to mind when I think of Ellen and the quality legal services she’s provided our non-profit!”

—M.L., regarding a nonprofit organization matter

“Ellen provided non-profit organization services to a significant and commercially sophisticated mutual client, a business entity that wanted to provide pro bono services related to its field. In assisting this client, she showed a depth of knowledge, a knack for finding practical and effective solutions, an enduring patience in counseling clients about an arcane area of law, and a respect for the client’s budget that I have seldom witnessed in twenty-five years of legal practice. It has been a privilege to collaborate with her on this and similar legal matters.”

—W.P., regarding a nonprofit organization matter

“Fantastic, fun to work with, and very thorough and conscientious.”

—S.A., regarding estate planning, small business advice.

“Ellen’s attitude is what convinced us that she was the right person to conduct and resolve all types of matters that could arise between a Nonprofit Organization and the USA. During 2016, we discovered the lawyer we had, was not doing his job; therefore, we were fortunate to find Ellen. She goes beyond what is expected and is a natural problem solver. We are very proud to have found her. God bless her!”

—N.A., regarding a nonprofit organization matter

“It has been a pleasure working with Ellen. It is of utmost importance to have an attorney who operates with integrity and with whom I can trust. I can leave matters in her hands and be at peace with her thorough work.”

—S.J., regarding a nonprofit organization matter

“Ellen came to our home to meet me and our three adult children to help us proceed with probate and do other necessary things after my husband’s death. She was honest and helpful at a time when we were so distressed and confused. She became our friend as well as advisor in legal matters, which made things easier for all of us. I would recommend her to our friends.”

—N.P., regarding a probate matter

“I was very pleased with Ellen’s work. She did a wonderful job of creating a new family trust for me. Ellen is a true professional, who is attentive to her client’s wishes, and very patient. Ellen is generous with her time, and is happy to educate her clients on what options are available to them. In addition to being very reasonable, she is fun and charming. I would be happy to recommend Ellen to any of my friends. If and when I need an attorney, I would certainly ask Ellen to represent me.”

—W.B., regarding an estate planning matter

“Ellen handled all the required paperwork for our organization to apply and receive 501(c)3 status, and I cannot say enough about the efficiency and expertise she demonstrated in that lengthy and complicated process. She kept me informed at every step of the way and was always ahead by anticipating problem issues and handled them beforehand. She has continued to function as our legal representative, and I highly recommend her to anyone.”

—B.C., regarding a nonprofit organization matter

“Ellen handled all the details of my friend’s estate. My friend had no family or heirs and I was the sole beneficiary and executor of the estate. Ellen explained everything to me and made that stressful time much easier.”

—D.R., regarding an estate planning matter

“Ellen is completely dependable and a pleasure to work with. Her legal services have always been timely, thorough, and of the highest quality.”

—W.G., regarding a nonprofit organization matter

“Ellen is a very detailed and smart attorney. Her advice and work product were excellent.”

—R.N.,  regarding an estate planning matter

“Ellen helped my wife and me with wills and estate planning for us and for my wife’s parents. We were very pleased with the results. She was timely, had excellent advice, and was clearly expert in this area of law. We highly recommend her.”

—W.R., regarding an estate planning matter

“Ellen is available, thorough, efficient and friendly.”

—C.T., regarding an estate planning matter

“Ellen is very knowledgeable of the medical, legal, and tax consequences. She helped me greatly when my aunt’s death was impending, then handled every step of the probate process—explaining every step of the probate process—making it understandable during a very sad time.”

—B.K., regarding a probate matter

“Ellen did estate planning for my friend after she had surgery and was in a nursing facility. She was very efficient in handling everything.”

—S.S., regarding an estate planning matter

“Such a pleasure to work with. Extremely efficient and careful to follow through on every question. So helpful and kind.”